Who we are

ThinkPlay is the home of FUN LEARNING. We make Math and Science fun by providing tabletop games to parents and teachers of pre-school and primary school children, to foster and enrich learning among children through play with peers and family.

Founded in 2020, ThinkPlay is dedicated to providing a safe and fun learning environment for development of early learning skills, creativity, collaboration and social-emotional skills to prepare children for school, career and life. We nurture children’s natural curiosities and keep their excitement for learning new things alive.

Vision: To transform African Education systems in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) into learning systems for children using play.

Mission: To design for playful experiences that ignite curiosity and boost interest in learning.

Motto: Nurturing the love of Maths and Science.

Our story

“Our journey started in 2018 as "Faamu Up" where we were training children in vertical gardening. Having noticed how fast children were losing interest in the gardening program, we sought for a way to make it fun. .

On June 26, 2020, we registered as ThinkPlay having found a solution that could intrinsically motivate children into gardening. The other interesting thing we discovered was that we could use real life experiences like gardening to teach Math and Science; the subjects children find most difficult and/or boring.

Children are often overwhelmed by memorization; confusing formulas and big words that create a lifelong phobia for Math and Science and they are making up their minds early on that they are not natural scientists or mathematicians. They work towards passing examinations and later drop the subjects once the opportunity shows up. This is not only robbing the country of future scientists and creating a STEM talent gap in Africa, but also robbing people of an opportunity to learn how Math and Science apply in their day-to-day lives.

Kids are will always be kids, they love to play and have fun. ThinkPlay recognizes this need and uses play as a natural driver to learning. We simplify the learning process by taking children on a journey of discovery and joy in the early years of learning; helping them to explore the wonders and beauty of the world through the lenses of Maths and Science.

Victoria Nakitto, founder of Thinkplay

Victoria Nakitto, Founder of Thinkplay



We design games that teach Maths and Science for children between 3 and 12 years. Check our game collection of to choose a game that suits your child’s age or learning needs.

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Do you own a pre-primary, primary or homeschool and are looking to improve students’ learning experiences for better grades? Our Game-based curriculum is richly equipped with well organized lesson plans that can be blended in your own or used exclusively.

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Professional Development

ThinkPlay organizes workshops for teachers and administrators who want to learn about game schooling or introduce games to the classroom. The slots are usually limited. Do you wish to be notified for the forthcoming workshop?


Game-based STEM Competitions

Every once in awhile, we meet and engage with communities of game schoolers; both parents and teachers in a game competition. You too can join our Playthinkers’ community to have your child or school participate.

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