Add some fun and excitement to your classroom today

Empower your teachers with resources that enrich learning. Each game comes with an instructional guide to complement their lessons plans, track students’ progress instantly and identify their learning needs. The games are highly engaging and exciting; improving attention spans, motivation for learning and engagement.

children at home playing using a thinkplay gamekit

ThinkPlay in PRE-PRIMARY

Play is the best way through which little ones acquire knowledge and skills. Playing games allows them to engage independently and with others; discover their own interests; build their imaginations and make connections with the world.

The teacher’s role is to guide children’s interactions in the play and use their interests/natural curiosities to explore concepts and ideas in-built within the games.

ThinkPlay provides curriculum-aligned games for active and playful hands-on experiences that help to foster and enrich the learning process.

ThinkPlay in PRIMARY

Children’s involvement in play at primary level stimulates their drive for exploration and discovery. This motivates children to gain mastery of academic concepts.

When teachers let primary level children engage actively with games, it opens up the space for inquiry, analysis and problem solving skills essential for excellence as a 21st century learner.

ThinkPlay provides instructional guides to allow teachers easily incorporate games into their lesson plans or use a hybrid learning approach in their schools.

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