What is GameSchooling?

GameSchooling is the use of games to teach any educational skill like reading, Math, and social skills to children through play with their peers or adults. Play is a proven approach to education, as the way that young children learn most effectively and make sense of the world.

Who can GameSchool?


Through play with parents and siblings


Through play with neighbors, friends and relatives.


Through play with teachers and classmates

Why Should I GameSchool?

Skills The Why
skills development Games provide an open, safe and positive space that allows children to explore their curiosities and develop skills like teamwork, resilience and problem-solving. Games give plenty of opportunities to take risks, make mistakes, achieve, laugh, interact, move around and be celebrated in a low-risk environment.
Brain development The brain develops much faster in the early years. This is the time children start learning to reason, pay attention and remember things they have learned. Playing games like puzzles tests children’s ability to focus, their attention span and problem-solving skills.
emotional development During play, children freely express their emotions of fear, anger and frustrations. Playing competitive games allows them to learn how to overcome their fears for failure or making mistakes. With role playing games, empathy comes naturally as they learn about their feelings and the feelings of others.
social development Learning through games involves social interactions. Whether they are playing with an adult or peers, children develop social skills as they cooperate, negotiate, share their ideas and solve problems with their peers especially in co-operative games.
language and literacy development Parent-child play models basic concepts for communication and conversation. Word games build the foundation for learning to read and imaginary games help them to understand the structure and meaning of words.
positive attitude towards learning A program that is based on children’s interests can help develop a more positive attitude towards learning. Encouraging their curiosity, as opposed to just letting them remember facts through memorization, can improve retention and motivates them to explore new ideas.
creativity and imagination Play is where imagination and creativity are nourished. Exploring ideas and materials through games gives a natural medium for a child’s creativity. Developing these skills early on will help them tackle issues and solve problems creatively in the future.

How do I GameSchool?


What should I use to GameSchool

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